Module 1 – STAGE 6: EXPRESS – Your Brand

Use Few Words To Say a Lot
Influence, Engage and Excite Your Target Market

6-1CoverAttract their attention,
and keep it for years, with
a riveting 30- or 60-second pitch that makes it impossible for your target market to forget the value and benefits you provide.

Make a lasting impression in less than a minute. Our easy 5-step formula shows you how to write and deliver appealing, memorable Elevator Speeches.

Getting people excited
is fun!
And that’s what you’ll
do when you use your mini- commercial to tell people what you can do for them, and why you’re their best choice, in less than sixty seconds.

Expand your appeal. We know you’re not a one trick pony. So we’ll show you how to develop several  distinct, high impact, pitches that appeal to your unique target markets.

Good Odds Increase Your Chances of Winning!
We eliminate your risk by taking you through a step-by- step “pitch testing” process.
So you’ll be certain that your Elevator Speeches evoke your desired reactions, long before you start using them.

An Elevator Speech is is one of many tools you can use to leverage your personal brand.
Capture your target market’s interest and motivate them to approach you by going straight to the heart of their needs, desires and challenges with a series of brief, convincing pitches.

This Module walks you through the process of writing memorable and effective
Elevator Speeches  / mini-commercials /  30- or 60-second pitches.

We’ll show you how to craft brief sound bytes that frame your USP, Value Proposition and
Professional Positioning in ways that:

  • Have proven appeal to your target market(s)
  • Make powerful first impressions
  • Engage and excite your target market(s)
  • Make you unforgettable

Our 5-part formula shows you how to…

  1. Develop Elevator Speeches that connect directly to your target market’s hot-buttons; their needs and challenges
  2. Write Elevator Speeches that excite and engage your target markets
  3. Market test your drafts, to ensure they hit the mark
  4. Decide which (market testing) comments to keep and which to discard
  5. Develop variations that tap into the heart of each of your target markets’ priority needs and challenges.

Are you prepared for every situation?
We conclude this Module by taking the art of Elevator Speech writing to it’s highest level. You’ll learn how to master “Elevator Speech Improv,” devising variations of your established pitches, on the fly.  This approach makes the most of what you’ve got, and gives you the freedom to switch it up for time to time. This not only keeps your pitch fresh, it ensures that it stays relevant, engaging and effective.

Now, your target markets are waiting.  Tell them why to get on board with you!

  • Prerequisites: Stage 1: (All Modules),  Stage 2: (All Modules), Stage 3: (All Modules).
    Stage 4: (All Modules), Stage 5: (All Modules).
  • Length: 34 pages (4,769 words)
  • Contains: 3 Exercises
  • Average Completion Time: 3 Hours
  • Pricing: Varies – see below

Approach 1 – Email Supervision – $100
Purchase this Module, complete it at your own pace, and return it to us for review.
We’ll go through your answers and send you our comments by email. You’ll get an
all clear to move forward. Or we’ll suggest you make a few course corrections before
you move on to  complete the next Module.

Approach 2 – Expert Support –  $200
Purchase a Module and complete it at your own pace. Book your telephone coaching
session, when you return it return for review. We provide 20 minutes of one-on-one
coaching support for each Module. When we speak, we’ll address your questions and
go through your answers. At the end of each coaching session, you’ll have fresh insight
into the mechanics of  branding , “on point” answers, and be ready to move on to your
next Module.

Approach 3 – Expert Brand Development
If you have a need for speed, choose this “fast track,” approach, and we’ll build your
brand for you.

When you opt to have us build your brand for you, we will contact you to schedule your
initial information gathering sessions and establish your brand development schedule.
We will stay in touch throughout the process, by email and phone.

When you choose this option, you’ll not only get a fully developed branding package,
much faster than you could ever build on your own but you’ll also gain valuable insight
into the mechanics that drive your brand.

To request information on this fast track, streamlined, personal branding approach,
contact us at clientservice at


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